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Stansted Airport Covid Test

London Stansted Airport is the city's third busiest airport, with more than 27 million people annually. One of London's busiest airports, it is the only one with considerable runway capacity and a European route network that is unrivalled in the UK. Londonis only a short train ride away from Stansted Airport. The airport has reopened and is ready to re-start the flow of passengers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions answered by our expert team of testing consultants.

Stansted Airport offers the option of three types of Covid tests, depending on your vaccination status, destination, and time available.

If you are departing from Stansted Airport:

RT PCR (Reverse-Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction)
The RT PCR test is one of the most used methods of COVID-19 testing. A swab is used to collect a sample, and results might take anywhere from 3 to 48 hours depending on the provider and option you choose.

Rapid Antigen
This exam may be required for entry into certain countries. A swab or saliva sample is used, and the results are ready in under 1 hour.

To determine whether a traveller has had the virus in the past, an Antibody test is done. Currently, it is only necessary for entry into a few countries. Depending on the provider, it might take anywhere from 1 to 48 hours to get the results of a blood test.

If you are arriving at Stansted Airport:

No pre-departure COVID-19 test is required for passengers travelling to England from non-red countries who are completely vaccinated under an eligible vaccination programme.

The Day 2 Rapid Antigen (lateral flow) Test will replace the Day 2 PCR test for fully vaccinated travellers starting on Sunday, December 9.

Pre-departure testing, PCR tests on days 2 and 8, and the Test to Release option to shorten the 10-day self-isolation period will all be required for unvaccinated travellers from non-red countries.

Visit the UK Government COVID-19 travel advice if you're confused about the categorization of the country you're entering or the vaccination programmes or tests you need. Keep an eye on Gov.UK, since countries and territories may be changed around quickly on and off of lists at short notice.

You should verify that your testing provider is on the UK government's approved list.

Passenger locator forms are also required for travel to the United Kingdom. Your test booking reference number must be included in your application.

More information can be found here: click here

If you do not qualify as fully vaccinated for travel to England, you must take a COVID-19 test before you travel to England from abroad.

To enter Stansted Airport, you need to get either a Covid-19 PCR test, LAMP test or a rapid antigen test within 2 days hours prior to arrival. In case it is a multi-leg journey, you must get your test done within 2 days of the start of the first leg.

To book a Covid-19 PCR or Rapid Antigen test withCertyfly, you must have photo identification and the following details: Flight date, Flight time, Flight number, Email address, Mobile number and Passport number.

If a child is between the ages of 5 and 17and lives in the United Kingdom or a country that has approved proof of vaccination, they are considered "completely vaccinated." This is true regardless of whether or not the child has received a vaccination.

A travel test and quarantine are required for children between the ages of 5 and 17 who live in a country that is not on the approved proof of vaccination list.

Children under the age of 4 are not required to take a test.

Depending on the test selected, your Covid-19 PCR test results will be available between 3-48 hours after the swab is taken. Your Rapid Antigen test results will be available in under 1 hour.